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My name is Mike, and I am a photographer based in Romsey, Hampshire. After spending a lot of time in the dim and distant past with an Olympus OM-10, I managed to rediscover the joy of photography again, and update my gear.

I very much enjoy travelling and love coast and country. I grew up in the New Forest, but I do enjoy seascapes, landscapes and macro photography. However, I absolutely love the Lake District and hope to go back up there soon to go off looking for new shots.

My main passions are the "scapes"; landscapes, seascapes and cityscapes. I enjoy macro and wide-angle photography, and while I do take some photos of humans and animals, they are lower down my priority list!

My kit is based on Canon gear, and all my lenses are Canon. I have a 16-35 L ii USM, 24-105 L IS USM, 50mm 1.8 STM, a 100mm 2.8 USM macro and a 70-200 2.8 L IS lens. On this year's wishlist is a new Canon EOS 5D mark iv. Well, one can dream!

All of the images I sell online are available in a range of sizes.

Sometimes a photo will be cropped slightly to frame it better, or to be a widescape, but in general I try to crop in the viewfinder and provide full-size images. Post-production is to clean up and slightly adjust shots, I don't go too mad with processing effects as I like to convey the mood and colours/contrast at the time.

My images on this site are printed on professional Satin or Pearl Lustre paper, although I can print in gloss if requested (this will add to processing time as I don't keep gloss paper in stock). The print is sealed with a print guard spray to add longevity and some waterproofing to the image. It's all packaged with a piece of backing board and cellophane wrapping. Prints will be sent out in board-backed envelopes or in picture mailers.

You can check out with PayPal and get a print sent to you securely and quickly.

You may find me at the beach before sunrise, or looking over the South Downs perhaps at sunset. I may be down a side street looking for an obscure picture to take. Many times I may not even take a picture, as I'm looking for the perfect conditions.

I take a lot of time wandering, and I take a lot of photos. It's averaging at around 1500 per month. And of those, maybe 3 or 4 MAY make it to post-production! It takes a lot of time before, during and after, and I hope you enjoy the results.