Lockdown activity

As usual, I’ve neglected to update the site as often as I should. Lockdown has had its challenges but also enabled me to experiment with other photography styles. I’ll include some images over the next week or so

Lockdown Travels

Well, isn’t Coronavirus causing immense interruption to our photography travels? Last weekend before we were locked down, I decided to try to catch the galactic centre, which was visible between 0200 and 0400 on Sunday morning. I got up stupidly early and went to Hengistbury Head, thinking that would be a good spot to see …

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Cloud covers the sunset and produces darks and oranges reflected in the calm water surface of the pond

Ponds and reflections

I went out the other evening to see about getting a lovely sunset picture over a pond in the New Forest. I’d not heard of this pond before (not sure why!) and it looked like a decent size. I got there and parked up, then wandered off to the pond. Sure enough, it was large, …

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